We take you from no 1 to No. 1, the Dot changes everything

Orion Adeas

Let us introduce Orion Adeas (OA), a digital advertising agency, where the sole focus is to give our clients better online visibility and visitors.

All in all, well optimized campaigns and more bang for the buck.

OA was set up by us in the last quarter of 2007.

O-ri-on [uh-rahy-uhn]  

A conspicuous constellation (the Hunter), said to represent a hunter holding a club and shield. It lies on the celestial equator and contains many bright stars, including Rigel, Betelgeuse, and a line of three that form Orion's belt.

Ad-e-as [ad-e-yaas]

It is the portmanteau of the word Advertising & Ideas.

We at OA, a digital agency, are constantly evolving in providing clients innovative, efficient and effective adeas (strategies).

Thus the name Orion Adeas - digitally